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About John's Stump Removal


John Rhoads and his brother, Andrew, founded a tree and landscaping business in 1986 that operated in the Dallas area. As the business grew, stump grinding and removal became a large part of the business.


In 1996, John acquired a business that had been performing stump grinding for the tree and landscaping business and named it John's Stump Removal. John was able to concentrate on the stump grinding business and expand it by cleaning up grinding sites instead of leaving them cluttered as had the former owner and most of the competition. John's Stump Removal leaves a pile of healthy mulch for the yard and flowerbeds.


In 1999, John and his uncle, Ron, acquired the patent and production rights to a stump grinding machine, the Kan-Du Stump Grinder. This versatile stump grinder allowed John's Stump Removal to expand even more because they could now grind any size stump in any back yard or fenced-in area with a 29" access gate or opening, without having to damage and rebuild fencing.


John's Stump Removal performs stump grinding and removal services on both commercial and residential properties. The company can perform deep stump grinding, which most of the competition cannot. A deep grind is necessary normally if a replacement tree is to be planted in the exact same spot.

They also perform stump grinding and removal for companies that have stump grinding equipment, but cannot achieve the kind of results that John's Stump Removal has been able to achieve.


John's Stump Removal is a professional service that is fully insured. Since the business operates with two fully equipped trucks and a third readily available, they can perform same-day service in most cases.


So, call us today at 972-849-4937 and let our 15 years of experience come to work for you.

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